Does Current Immigration Economically Benefit Ordinary US Citizens?

Donald Trump Political Campaign Does current immigration economically benefit ordinary non-immigrants?  A recent major report indicates that most immigration does not. In September, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) published a major report on “The Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Immigration.” The report shows that, other than small number of scientifically educated immigrants, immigration

Meet Wilbur Ross, Trump’s Pick for Commerce Secretary

Donald Trump Political Campaign President-elect Donald Trump tapped Wilbur Ross, an investor and longtime Trump associate, to serve as secretary of the Department of Commerce, the transition team announced Wednesday. “Wilbur Ross is a champion of American manufacturing and knows how to help companies succeed. Most importantly, he is one of the

Chip and Joanna Gaines Under Fire for Maybe Having the ‘Wrong’ Views on LGBT Issues

Donald Trump Political Campaign Like many Americans, HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines attend a church where the pastor thinks homosexual behavior is a sin. And somehow that’s “news.” BuzzFeed printed the original story, headlined “Chip And Joanna Gaines’ Church Is Firmly Against Same-Sex Marriage.” From there it was picked up by Cosmopolitan,

What to Know About Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s Pick for Treasury

Donald Trump Political Campaign Though not a widely known quantity in Washington, Steven Mnuchin, President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for treasury secretary, has had a seasoned career in high finance, in Hollywood, and, most recently, as finance chairman of the Trump campaign. “I am honored to have the opportunity to serve our great