Attack Squirrel Defends Owner’s Guns, Drives Off Burglar In Idaho

I’m just going to report this as-is, and walk away. A pet squirrel named Joey chased off a burglar last week by scratching the teen suspect when he tried to break into a gun safe, police said. The unidentified teenager told officers that the squirrel’s attack “scared him, obviously, because he wasn’t

Florida Police Chief’s Group Wages War For Incompetence In Command

Regular readers are familiar with the tragic death of retired librarian Mary Knowlton at the hands of the Punta Gorda Police Department due to gross incompetence and negligence by multiple officers before and during a completely unnecessary use-of-force scenario. Officer Lee Coel, who shot and killed Knowlton with wadcutter bullets that

Robber Tries To Commit Robbery With Gun Magazine, Gets Slapped

  This robbery might have actually worked in New York City or San Francisco, but was met with utter contempt by a pizza shop employee in South Carolina, where most folks know the difference between a firearm and a magazine. A man tried to rob a pizza place on Ocean Boulevard Tuesday

Crash Me Ousside, Howbow Da? Tulsa’s Most Wanted RUN DOWN By Cop

A woman on a multi-day violent crime spree who was firing at Tusla (OK) police officers trying to arrest her was intentionally struck and killed by another officer in a dramatic conclusion to a deadly-force situation. A woman wanted for a string of gun-related crimes was killed Saturday afternoon when an

Fighting The Noise In D.C.: SilencerCo Hits The Hill

Content sponsored by NRA Blog For months now, the foremost issue in the shooting sports community has been the introduction of the Hearing Protection Act, a proposed bill introduced by Representatives Jeff Duncan and John Carter that, if passed, would eliminate many of the regulatory hurdles for firearms owners looking to

Dashcam Madness: Georgia Man Brings Stupid To A Gunfight

Gary Lee Castle doesn’t appear to be the sharpest knife in the proverbial drawer. After courteously using his turn signals as he led a Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant on a high-speed chase, Mr. Castle came to a stop and then decided to advance upon Sergeant Travis Curran with a large section

Paul Ryan on scrapped AHCA: Americans ‘living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future’

**Written by Doug Powers Here’s a little bit of Friday news that would have been called “breaking” if I’d been able to break on it earlier, but the American Health Care Act will not be happening: House Speaker Paul Ryan sensationally pulled his Obamacare repeal bill from the floor Friday, a day