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Couple Films YouTube ‘Prank’ That Left One Dead, One Charged With Manslaughter

We say people don’t have common sense anymore, but this is beyond ridiculous. A young couple trying to become famous by posting pranks on YouTube, short on ideas and rich in stupidity, carried out one final “prank” that left one dead and one facing a charge of manslaughter. On Monday night, Norman County

Czech Republic Aims to Arm Citizens to Combat Terrorism

FINALLY: a European country that gets it! In December, when the European Commission responded to terrorist attacks by passing stricter gun laws, only three countries stood against their impotent actions. Now, one of them is taking matters into their own hands with a proposition to put the right to bear arms back into their

WATCH: Dana Loesch Responds to Liberals Triggered By Her NRA Ad

Over the last few days, liberals have been extremely triggered by Dana Loesch’s NRA ad, “The Violence of Lies.” In the ad, which was shot months ago, Loesch condemns the left’s tactics of utilizing violence for political gain. Gun control advocates have said Loesch’s message is a call for white supremacy, something that

Judge Places California’s High-Capacity Magazine Ban On Hold

On Thursday, a federal judge issued an injunction against California’s high-capacity magazine ban, which was set to go into effect on July 1. Last year, California voters voted on and passed Prop. 63, which would prohibit the possession of high-capacity magazines (any magazine that could hold more than 10 rounds).

How the U.S. Can Learn from Canada’s Bi-Partisan Problem Solving

Over the years, I’ve visited Canada many times, mainly to speak at investment conferences. I’ve been to Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Last year, my wife and I, along with Newt Gingrich, his wife Callista and subscribers of my Forecasts & Strategies investment newsletter, took a cruise to Eastern Canada. It personally

Nobody to Blame But ETFs

The market’s resilience in 2017 is indeed remarkable. Consider that we’ve only hit a few speedbumps all year on the road to a series of new-high mile markers. One of those speedbumps was hit Tuesday, as market leadership in the large-cap tech issue helped the NASDAQ Composite crumble some 1.6% in

Even Trump Can’t Make Goldman Sachs Popular

Having pulled off the monumental achievement of getting elected with zero help from Wall Street, President Trump is at risk of throwing it all away. He seems to be turning his White House over not only to liberal Democrats, but to the very type of liberal Democrats he railed against