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France Takes Drastic Action Against Potential Islamic Terrorists

The Local AR  According to France’s Interior Minister Gerard Collomb, the French police are confiscating guns from 100 people who are suspected of being Islamic militants. “We traced about a hundred … We’re sizing up the situation and taking the weapons away,” Collomb told TV channel CNews. The confiscation comes after public defenders

South Florida Gun Club Aims to Train Black Gun Owners

A South Florida gun club has taken aim at helping an underserved community when it comes to second amendment rights – the black community. Travis Campbell opened the South Florida Black Arms Gun Club with the intent of specifically serving the general black community in South Florida. In an interview with

The Taurus Raging Hornet Packs More Than a Wicked Sting

Say what you want about Taurus (go ahead, we do) but the Raging Hornet is a piece of work. Varmint-rifle performance and accuracy in a double action revolver. That’s what you get with our unique Raging Accuracy series. They are built with the same massively strong design as our Raging Bull™

It’s Time America Honors Police Again

“Our country’s law enforcement officers represent the best of American courage. Yet today, a deceitful media has put their courage under fire,” says NRA Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre. “It’s time America honored its police again.” For decades, the NRA has been an unwavering supporter of American law enforcement,

The Government Can Seize Anything, Including a Skyscraper!

In recent times, law enforcement has gotten out of control. Police have been emboldened by SWAT teams, aggressively discriminate against minorities and engage in abusive tactics such as “no knock” raids, “stop and frisk,” asset forfeiture laws and a variety of other ways to trample upon our sacred Bill of

This Fund Could Aid the Health of More than a Portfolio

The PureFunds ETFx HealthTech ETF (Nasdaq: IMED) stands at an interesting crossroads between the field of medicine itself and the technology used to advance medical knowledge and treatment in new and exciting ways. This intersection between medicine and technology has been dubbed “HealthTech.” Medicine continuously is driven forward by the application

Hillary’s unused ‘victory’ confetti now inside therapy snow globes for her glum fans

**Written by Doug Powers On election night in November, the Hillary Clinton campaign was ready to shower her victory partiers with a whole lot of confetti, but instead, the party favor containers ended up like the copy of Monogamy Forever somebody once gave Bill: Unopened. But that confetti is now being