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Science! More proof that climate change alarmists have ALL the bases covered

**Written by Doug Powers Popular Science, yesterday: Popular Science, March of last year: It certainly looks like they’ve got all the “climate change” bases covered there. Climate “science” sure can turn on a dime! All we can really be sure of is no matter what happens this coming winter — record warmth

‘New tone,’ Bernie-style: GOP health bill would be like several 9/11’s every year

**Written by Doug Powers It seems like less than a month ago that Bernie Sanders put out a statement condemning the Alexandria shooting by a nutjob who had volunteered on his campaign while other Dems called for dialing down the extreme rhetoric. Wait, it was less than a month ago —

Veselnitskaya Has Anti-Trump Pictures And Post On Her Facebook, Connection To Fake Dossier

Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr in June of 2016 to provide 'dirt' on Hillary Clinton looks exactly like she wanted to hurt the Trump campaign, not help it according to her Facebook photos and post.In January 2017 Veselnitskaya was posting images of Trump protesters