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Colt Finds Themselves in $500K Lawsuit Over Breach of Contract

Finance company Prestige Capital has filed a lawsuit against Colt’s Manufacturing Company. According to the lawsuit, Colt didn’t provide adequate notice to the plaintiff before halting production of its Expanse Carbine. From Prestige Capital contends the Connecticut gun maker paid some $600,000 after adjusting an agreed upon minimum purchase order, but failed

Here are the BEST Responses to the #NRA2DOJ Protest

Think the Women’s March #NRA2DOJ protest is a ridiculous circus? INSTEAD, WE'LL INTIMIDATE THE @NRA INTO SILENCING @DLoesch!!! For feminism… or reproductive justice… or something. #IStandWithDana — Jenn Jacques (@JennJacques) July 14, 2017 Well, you’re not the only one! Check out THESE epic responses to their ridiculous antics: Gun violence deaths in America: 13k

WATCH LIVE: Dana Loesch’s National Protest Episode

While Women’s March organizers are marching from the National Rifle Association (NRA) headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia to Department of Justice (DOJ) offices in Washington, D.C. In honor of today’s protest, Dana Loesch’s radio show focuses solely on the #NRA2DOJ protest. Watch the live broadcast below: The Dana Show: Nationwide Protest Episode LIVE VIDEO: The

“Feminist” Co-Founders of The Women’s March Are Farrakhan’s Anarchist Angels

The men behind the Women’s March organizers have a dangerous and radical agenda, and they’re being led by none other than Louis Farrakhan, the “father of the modern violent left.” In her latest NRA video, Dana Loesch urges Women’s March Co-Founders Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour, and Carmen Perez to become real feminists

Women’s March Co-Founder Tamika Mallory is Portraying Criminal Activity as “Gun Violence”

We all know The Women’s March, which has put Dana Loesch and the NRA in its crosshairs, will do and say anything to advance the gun control agenda. But one of their co-founders is masquerading her personal connection to criminal behavior as a tragic brush with gun violence. Tamika Mallory frequently

WATCH: Colion Noir’s EPIC Response to Black Lives Matters

Ever since Dana Loesch’s NRA ad, “The Violence of Lies,” came to light, gun control advocates on the left have used one major talking point: that the NRA is made up of white conservatives want to oppress black Americans. The left was so upset with Loesch’s condemning of violence that Black

Would a Single-Payer Health Care System Save Money?

Robert Frank wrote an op-ed in the New York Times last week called “Why Single-Payer Health Care Saves Money.” He points out that ObamaCare “is an inefficient system” and should be replaced with a single-payer system that will sharply reduce administrative costs, and government agencies can negotiate much better terms

Al Gore undaunted by inconvenient truth about Antarctic iceberg

**Written by Doug Powers Another day, another natural occurrence for Al Gore to blame on your air conditioner, car and barbecue grill but definitely not his mansions and private jet flights to emergency summits about limiting emissions: It’s actually a jarring reminder that Gore’s an agenda-driven, greedy science hack. The same

House Rejects Proposal Identifying “Islamic Religious Doctrines”

Choosing denial and willful ignorance instead of knowledge of the motivating ideology of the jihadis who have vowed to destroy us. That’s just asking to be defeated. “If you have an amendment that says we’re going to study one religion and only one, we’re going to look at their leaders

‘Get used to it’, China says as it flies bombers near Japan

BEIJING: China told Japan on Friday to "get used to it" after it flew six warplanes over the Miyako Strait between two southern Japanese islands in a military exercise. Japan's defense ministry issued a statement late on Thursday describing the flyover by the formation of Xian H-6 bombers earlier that

Impeachment Resolution Introduced in House [semi-satire]

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) and Rep. Al Green (D-Tex) are cosponsoring House Resolution 438, a measure aimed at impeaching President Trump. "When President Trump fired the man who was investigating his presidential campaign for colluding with Russia he obstructed justice," Sherman argued. "It doesn't matter whether there was collusion or

Trump greeted warmly at US Women’s Open

Bedminster - US President Donald Trump took in a little golf on Friday, receiving a warm welcome at the US Women's Open despite calls for the US Golf association to move the elite event from his Trump National Golf Club. Trump ended speculation about whether he would attend with a

Is Russiagate Really Hillarygate?

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 12: Journalists gather outside the headquarters of Orbis Business Intelligence, the company run by former intelligence officer Christopher Steele, on January 12, 2017 in London, England. Mr Steele has been named as the man who compiled the intelligence dossier on US President-elect Donald Trump, alleging that

Violent Anarchists, Red Lawyers, and the Mayor of Hamburg

After last week’s ultra-violent demonstrations in Hamburg during the G20 summit, it is the Hamburg police who are being targeted for “police brutality”. The video below shows the mayor of Hamburg apparently supporting the police against the charges that are being leveled at them. However, the mayor happens to be

Rainbow City PD releases video to refute claims of officer brutality

Rainbow City PD releases video to refute claims of officer brutality In an effort to silence claims of police brutality made in a viral Facebook post, Rainbow City police have released body camera video of a traffic stop that occurred Thursday night. The post, which has been shared 28,600 times

Profs blame conservative media for GOP’s dismal view of academia

University professors are not taking kindly to the latest Pew Research poll numbers showing Republican-leaning voters have an unreceptive view of academia, and some are pointing the finger of blame at conservative media. The June 2017 Pew survey showed 58 percent of right-leaning voters reported higher education has a negative

Scared robots will take your job? Just get a new one, says this CEO

The race to create A.I. and robotic technology that will change the way we work and live is dominating countless industries. But the chaos and disruption these ground-breaking fields are set to have on numerous areas of the economy, the job market, the banking system and the transportation industry have

Catholic Caucus: Daily Mass Readings, 07-15-17, M, St. Bonaventure, Bishop and Doctor/Church

July 15, 2017 Memorial of Saint Bonaventure, Bishop and Doctor of the Church Reading 1 Gn 49:29-32; 50:15-26aJacob gave his sons this charge:"Since I am about to be taken to my people,bury me with my fathers in the cave that liesin the field of Ephron the Hittite,the cave in the