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Obama Alumni Use Holocaust Museum and Institute of Peace to Whitewash Obama’s Record on Syria

This photo provided by the Syrian Civil Defense White Helmets, which has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting, shows a Syrian boy sittiing next to bodies after artillery fire struck the Jub al-Quba district in Aleppo, Syria, Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016. Syrian activists say at least

Trump Demands Congress Act on DACA, Ann Coulter Hardest Hit

Earlier today, Ben Howe wrote about how Congressman Steve King discovered that he was suckered by Donald Trump. Ann Coulter to her credit realized this a lot earlier but given that she wrote a sycophantic book called In Trump We Trust during the campaign, the reality of Trump must really

The Media Just Got Smacked For Its Continued Use of Race-Baiting Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has long promoted itself as a group doing necessary work. They act as if they’re only focused on targeting and eliminating racism, and making known the areas in which groups propagating such behavior reside. But this is far from the truth. For too long, the left-wing

Hurricane Irma – now the size of Texas – is so powerful it’s registering as an earthquake

Not to add to the level of fright surrounding Hurricane Irma – currently barreling toward Florida – but the hurricane is so powerful that it’s confusing seismographs into thinking it’s an earthquake. According to seismologist Stephen Hicks at the National Oceanography Center Southampton, seismometer recordings from an island group in the south

This Is Why You Always Carry Your Firearm in a Holster

Responsible gun owners know that if you’re going to carry directly on your person, you never forgo a holster. Tucking your firearm into the waistband of your pants, your belt or your pocket is, simply put, an accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately, one Missouri gun owner never got the memo –

Cabela’s NRA Weekend Event Is Back

Good news, everyone: Cabela’s NRA weekend event is back. This weekend, Saturday, Sept. 9th and Sunday, Sept. 10th, all Cabela’s stores in the U.S. will be participating in the event, which includes giveaways, an NRA membership drive, workshops, product demonstrations, additional discounts and deals, and even free food. Here are the details. On

California Law Appears Determined To Drive Gun Stores Out Of Business

It’s a day that ends in “y,” so you know what that means. It’s time for another example of how the state of California guns. In today’s episode, the state considers a bill that will basically drive the vast majority of gun stores out of business simply by making it

NYPD Officers Escort Son Of Slain Sergeant To Bus For Kindergarten

NYPD Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo was gunned down last November while responding to a call of an estranged husband trying to enter a home after having threatened his wife. Tuozzolo was killed and another officer wounded. Tuesday was the first day of kindergarten for Tuozzolo’s young son, an important day in almost any

Governor Of Virgin Islands Orders Gun Confiscation Ahead Of Irma

Virgin Islands Governor Kenneth Mapp has already called up the National Guard ahead of Hurricane Irma, who appears to be an even nastier customer than Hurricane Harvey that has left so much devastation in its wake. Calling up the Guard is a good idea, something that is definitely prudent when

Women’s Gun Rights Advocacy Group Springs Up In Unlikely Place

With campus carry laws taking hold throughout the nation, it’s not surprising that there would be some adjustment period. During that time, battle lines in the war over guns would be redrawn as various groups try to reposition themselves as they move forward to deal with whatever the future has

Hurricane Harvey Could Cause Record Property Damage

Hurricane Harvey’s death toll of at least 70 lives lost so far will be accompanied by tens of billions of dollars in property damage that AccuWeather estimates will be worse than any previous storm to hit the United States. AccuWeather predicts that Hurricane Harvey, which has slammed Texas and flooded much of

SHOCKER: Look what suddenly made Planned Parenthood worried about every person’s ‘right to live…’

**Written by Doug Powers Hey look, Planned Parenthood’s troubled by the possible rescinding of DACA for reasons you’ve probably already guessed: Cecile Richards is upset that Trump ended DACA because the Planned Parenthood abortion business will get fewer customers as a result. She says she is “heartbroken” by the decision. […] “The Trump administration

There is no such thing as a “deserving DREAMer”

There is no such thing as a “deserving DREAMer” by Michelle MalkinCreators Syndicate Copyright 2017 Over and over again, from the mouths of politicians in both parties, identity politics purveyors and cheap labor lobbyists, we hear the same refrains about President Obama’s 800,000 amnestied illegal alien youths: “They don’t deserve to be punished.” “They deserve

Out: Sanctuary cities — In: Sanctuary… tech giants?

**Written by Doug Powers It looks like Microsoft has built a plan to Resist™ Trump rescinding Obama’s executive action on DACA, at least until it does a Windows 10 impression and crashes: Microsoft responded strongly to the Trump administration’s decision on Tuesday to move toward rescinding or replacing DACA within six months. “There