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Body Cam Video Show Michael Bennett and Las Vegas PD Have a Point About His Detention

Back in 1950, the Japanese director Akira Kurosawa produced the epic film Rashomon. The film concerns a murder that is described in four witnesses in largely contradictory ways. The memory of each witness is colored by their own situation, their perceptions of motives, their own role in the murder, what

LISTEN: The Dallas Cowboys Suck (and This is Why We Have Trump)

On this week’s Smart Girl Politics podcast, April and Teri tackle – ha, ha! – the issues of NFL players kneeling and why the Dallas Cowboys always suck. Also, missing Hef and the happy return of Steve Scalise. And why does Teri say “I don’t know” so much? (Spoiler alert:

Media Indifferent as Steven Crowder Infiltrates Antifa at Ben Shapiro Speech

This is a fascinating video. It shows Steven Crowder and a colleague infiltrating Antifa before a Ben Shapiro speech, discussing weapons that they have (including some serious firearms) — and the curious indifference of media on the scene. Worth watching: The always excellent John Sexton sums up the clip in this

Republican Tax Proposal is a Gift to the Economy, Not “The Rich”

For all the carping Democrats do about the concept of shared prosperity in our economy, they sure do all they can to compromise it. Take, for example, the current tax reform package before the United States Congress; it is a pro-growth policy proposal for all American workers, yet Democrats are

Bad Optics: Somebody Tell Trump’s People to Stop Attacking San Juan’s Mayor and Get Back to Work

The behavior of Donald Trump towards Puerto Rico Saturday morning was disgusting. The fact that he’s getting his administration in on the act is probably worse. Trump’s social media director, Dan Scavino Jr., like a loyal pet, followed his master’s lead and took to Twitter to continue Trump’s attacks on the mayor

More Morning Rants: Trump Also Attacks Media for Trying to “Get Him” Over Puerto Rico Response

They’re a territory in extreme crisis. These are actual human lives, American citizens, desperate, without power, and running low on food, water, and hope. You’re not the victim here, you petulant child. Somebody please convey that message to the president. Never mind. I’ll tweet this out to him, myself, as soon as

Trump Feels Insulted by San Juan Mayor and Has a Trump Twitter Hissy Fit

I cannot imagine what it feels like to be an official in Puerto Rico right now, let alone what it must be like to be a citizen worried about getting food and water. It is a horrendous situation down there, and people will naturally get frustrated. San Juan Mayor, Carmen Yulín

Nepotism in the White House is Making for a Complicated Mess

It sounds like President Trump is coming to a slow realization that nepotism might work in business, but in politics, not so much. Politico is reporting on the troublesome nature of the Trump White House, as they attempt to maneuver around son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, as well as daughter

BLOOD IN THE WATER! Media Goes After VA Chief Over Travel Expenses

Without a helluva lot more particulars here it is hard to determine what is real and what is not. Via the Washington Post: Nearly three days into a trip to Europe this past July, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin had attended a Wimbledon championship tennis match, toured Westminster Abbey and taken a

BREAKING. John Kelly Is Now in Charge of All Travel by Cabinet Officials

This just came out of the Office of Management and Budget In light of recent events, the President has asked me to remind the heads of all executive departments and agencies of Administration policies on travel. First, as to law and formal policy: Government-owned, rented, leased, or chartered aircraft should not be

Government Explained Perfectly in One Tweet

The state of Pennsylvania has a monopoly on the sale of liquor and wine (yes, there are some minor exceptions coming into effect this year). These beverages are dispensed through state owned stores by state employees. Let's bring that same government magic to health insurance and see what happens! Oh, right:

Packers Fans Chant “USA!” in Defiance as NFL Players Link Arms During Anthem

It’s not often that the crowds are shown during the NFL National Anthem protests — reports say camera crews are instructed not to show the fans — but Packers fans were hard not to notice when Green Bay’s team locked arms while the anthem played. Before their game against the Chicago

This Tennessee Titans Player Thinks You Won’t Stop Watching the NFL

Delanie Walker is a tight end for the Tennessee Titans. Last Sunday, Delanie and his teammates stayed in their locker room rather than come onto the field and stand for the National Anthem. The Titans, of course, were not alone in their unwillingness to show respect for the flag of the country that

Thursday’s Politically Charged NFL Game Saw Another Huge Ratings Drop

The lack of viewers for Thursday night’s NFL game between the Packers and the Bears proved that pushing politics on one of the populace’s favorite sport just drives them away. According to the Hollywood Reporter, CBS reported that 2017’s debut of Thursday Night Football is down a whopping 14 percent compared

Hillary Attacks Trump’s Puerto Rico Response but Benghazi Hero Delivers a Glorious Smackdown

Kris “Tanto” Paronto is one of the security contractors who was on the ground in Benghazi during the terrorist attack Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Obama administration ignored and later lied about to the families of the fallen. (If you’ve seen the Michael Bay movie

Helping Puerto Rico

The 2017 hurricane season has wreaked humanitarian disasters on Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Not to diminish the suffering on the Gulf Coast, the 3.4 million Americans in Puerto Rico are the most isolated, the poorest, the least politically powerful, and the most in need of help. The entire electricity

Not All Training Is Good Training

It seems that some people think that anything remotely difficult is somehow good training. It’s not. Sometimes it’s just an accident waiting to happen. Take, for example, this bit of Derp from Everyday No Days Off. Wow. *Extremely Owen Wilson voice* Gat tip: thanks everyone who sent it A post shared by ENDO

Notre Dame Football Coach’s Big Off-Season Changes Bring Results

The University of Notre Dame’s head football coach Brian Kelly took criticism for finishing 2016 with his first losing season in the past 12 years of leading Division 1 teams but he is benefiting big time from an eight-and-a-half hour off-season meeting with the school’s Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick. Swarbrick hosted

Rule change! Hillary now says you don’t have to vote for candidate just because she’s a woman

**Written by Doug Powers Michelle Obama recently said that women who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton “voted against their own voice.” Hillary herself said that some of the women who didn’t vote for her only avoided doing so because they caved into pressure from the men in their lives. In other