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Scalise Is Back! Plus, Items Various and Sundry

My viewership of 60 Minutes has been all but nonexistent for more than a decade, but that changed Sunday. On Sunday Norah O’Donnell had an interview with House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who made a dramatic return to the public stage last week after spending several months in recovery from a

Tom Price’s Real Crime

Anyone naïve enough to believe that Tom Price’s ouster from HHS was actually about his use of chartered jets may wish to consider this: The same transgression was committed on a much larger scale by numerous Obama administration officials, yet neither the “news” media nor the Democrats ever exhibited any

No Cure for Turkey and Wretched Recep Erdoğan

During the latter half of the 19th Century, the Ottoman Empire, a Muslim power, was called “the sick man of Europe.” But, like the 800-year Muslim occupation of Spain, the Ottoman Empire was not “of Europe” at all. It occupied European land and had its place in history, but since

What the Well-Dressed Anarchist Is Wearing This Year

For the title of Grand Poobah of Dorm Room Start-ups, it’s a toss-up: Mark Zuckerberg, who developed Facebook, the Godzilla of social media (over 500 million users world-wide), or Bill Gates, who invented Microsoft, the world’s largest manufacturer of software. Both guys were students at Harvard. After they came up

Robert Mueller’s Tom Price Problem

The headline in The Washington Post dates back to March 21, 2014. It reads: Personal FBI flights for Holder and other Justice officials went unreported The story begins: The agency that tracks federal travel did not report hundreds of personal and other “nonmission” trips aboard government planes for senior Justice Department officials including Attorney

Can Trump Get the Job Done?

Washington President Donald Trump and his Republican Party should be celebrating. The GOP just rolled out a big tax cut bill, as the party controls the White House, Senate and House. But instead of breaking out party hats and noisemakers, party leaders are looking down at a feast of anxiety and

Yom Kippur and the Savior of Eretz Israel

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” So said George Orwell. I’m thinking about this right now. It’s Yom Kippur, the holiest of Jewish High Holy Days, and I am fasting. I really should not be working, so let’s not consider this work. I certainly

CNN Continues to Solidify Its Place Atop the Fake News Dung Heap

  In the ongoing battle between President Trump and the always hostile mainstream media, CNN has taken center stage as either the fight’s biggest victim or its most egregious offender, depending on one’s perspective. I vote the latter. Its various Twitter feeds offer things like this all day: President Trump's Puerto Rico response is

BREAKING: Gunman ‘From Somewhere High’ Opens Fire on Crowd on Las Vegas Strip

At least 20 people are dead and more than 100 injured after a sniper opened fire around 10:00 p.m. Sunday along the Las Vegas Strip, near the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, multiple outlets are reporting. As many as 30,000 people were outside across the street from the hotel for the

LISTEN: Unearthed Audio of Trump with Howard Stern Is One of the Worst Things You’ll Ever Hear

I ask you to take time and consider: What kind of man commits adultery against multiple wives, even impregnating at least one of his mistresses? What kind of man requests that mistress get an abortion, in order to cover his tracks? What kind of man cheats creditors and small business owners out of

Korea Crisis Round-Up. Missiles Moving, Trump on Twitter and the Crazy Man Strategy

The weekend has been dominated by a lot of disinformation on Puerto Rico and a sense of disappointment that President Trump is not personally driving a flatbed truck loaded with bottled water and bags of rice somewhere in the hinterlands of that island to personally deliver supplies because every other

REPORT: Trump Blew up Jerry Jones’ Phone Before Last Monday’s Dallas Cowboys Game, but Why?

Dry begging. According to a report from, last Monday, the president was blowing up Dallas Cowboys coach Jerry Jones’ phone, hoping his friendship with Jones would be enough to keep the players from kneeling during the anthem, in protest. The president repeatedly called Jones while the owner stood in the locker room before the

Trump Finally Gives Hurricane Victims Exactly What They Need

Donald Trump continues to fight the image that he is more concerned with golf than with hurricane victims. Today he continued that crusade by, um, dedicating a golf trophy to hurricane victims. President Trump on Sunday dedicated a golf trophy to the victims of recent powerful storms that tore through Texas,

Nancy Pelosi: Suppressors Must Remain Controlled Because Of Alexandria Shooting

Nancy Pelosi is…well, I think the preferred term these days is “special.” How “special” is she? The leading Democrat in the House of Representatives used the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise as evidence that the Hearing Protection Act needs to die. Seriously. From Breitbart: As Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) was welcomed back to

Pedersoli Howdah .45/410 To Be Imported By Italian Firearms Group

There’s something kind of awesome about a Howdah. Unfortunately, the prohibition era gun is one of many that ran afoul of the National Firearms Act of 1934. It’s a shame because they’re kind of awesome in an ugly, mean way. They weren’t pretty, they weren’t precision, but they were pretty

Selling Naked Puts Can Provide Expensive Portfolio Clothing

One of the most successful option strategies that gets little to no press is that of selling naked puts on common stocks. All the attention is given to the massive call purchases on short-term, out-of-the-money contracts that offer the most potential exponential returns. But they also make for the most