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Hysterics Hoedown: The Best of #HandsOffMyBC

Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services announced on Friday that they would be easing previous rules requiring employers to cover birth control in their employee insurance plans. Unsurprisingly, the “feminist” set lost their ever-loving minds. Not one seems to have any clue as to the difference between not paying

Facebook’s False Narrative on Election Integrity

Recently, Facebook decided it wanted to get into the ‘election integrity’ game, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg,  to “make sure Facebook is a force for good in democracy.” So the company decided to hand over $100,000-worth of Russia-linked ads to government officials investigating the role Russia may have played in

Dozens of Celebs Answer “No Comment” when Asked to Weigh In On Weinstein

  If you were hoping Hollywood would back up its consistent nagging to the general populace about being more virtuous by denouncing Miramax co-founder Harvey Weinstein, don’t hold your breath. As they did when Roman Polanski was found out to have committed multiple acts pedophilia, Hollywood has instead decided to go completely

California has Made Misgendering Someone with Improper Pronouns a Jailable Offense

A whole new wave of regressive leftist insanity has hit California, as new legislation has signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown on Thursday allows Californian’s to be thrown in prison for a year if they refuse to call someone by their preferred pronoun. Thankfully, this bill is limited to anyone in nursing

Actress Calls Out TSA Agent for Sexual Harassment…After He Asks for Phone#

You guys, being an American woman in 2017 is totes hard. We’re constantly being harassed by losers and being oppressed and stuff because of our boobs and other lady things. Just the other day I was walking into a store and a guy in front of me…get this…he opens the door

BREAKING. Iran Suddenly Decides That It Will Negotiate on Its Ballistic Missile Program

Next week, President Trump is expected to announce that he will not certify Iran as being in compliance with the terms of the nuclear sell-out negotiated by John Kerry–with the assistance of Tehran’s willing tool, deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes–because the IAEA cannot certify that Iran it keeping the

Gay Coffee Shop Owner Forcibly Ejects Christian Customers for Their Beliefs

It turns out those who vehemently demand Christians be tolerant of their views and lifestyles, and force Christians to perform services under threat of legal retaliation are — and I can’t believe I’m writing this — intolerant of Christians, and refuse to provide services for them. In a recently released video

Dear University Students, Anti-Free Speech Brigades are Why White Supremacist Richard Spencer is Still a Thing

Let me start by stating a very obvious fact. I don’t like Richard Spencer. The drivel that falls out of his mouth is the same that millions died to fight back against during World War 2. Every time his language or actions veer into neo-Nazi territory, I feel not rage,

While Jimmy Kimmel Cries, a Los Angeles Street Artist Lampoons

Since Jimmy Kimmel has decided to do double duty as both late night comedian/talk show host and weepy conscience of the left, he’s been begging to be lampooned. A right-wing street artist by the name of “Sabo” has decided to do the honors. Sabo’s shtick has been to go after leftist in

Harvey Weinstein Blames Vast Right Wing Conspiracy for his Sexual Harassment Scandal

Miramax co-founder, and creepy sexual predator Harvey Weinstein is so upset that his deviancy was discovered, but not with the New York Times who broke the story. No, according to Weinstein it was the shadowy underbelly of the right-wing attack machine that has brought him all this misfortune. According to the

DREAMers Are Finding Out They Are Just Pawns in the 2018 Campaign

Supporters of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program (DACA) demonstrate on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House in Washington, Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017. President Donald Trump ordered and end of protections for young immigrants who were brought into the country illegally as children, but gave Congress six months

D.C. Opts To Not Appeal To SCOTUS On Concealed Carry

Good news for residents of the District of Columbia. Despite being one of the most anti-gun communities in the country for years, the nation’s capital has decided to become a shall-issue jurisdiction. Well, “decided” is kind of a strong word, since they didn’t want to do it. They didn’t have

Gun Owners Of America Issues Statement On Bump-Fire Stocks

With the NRA’s statement on Thursday coming out in support of bump-fire stock legislation, Congress appears to have to go ahead to pass new laws restricting the popular devices and get cover from the largest pro-gun group in the nation. However, just looking at our comments, it’s easy to say

Townhall’s Schlichter: ‘You Don’t Get To Disarm Us. Not Ever.’

The anti-gun forces are out. They’re massed, ready for their push through the corpses of Las Vegas to try and infringe on our sacred right to keep and bear arms. Over at Townhall, veteran Kurt Schlichter had some harsh words for those who are now talking about how we need

National Rifle Association Issues Statement In Support Of Potential Bump-Fire Stock Regulations

The National Rifle Association has issued a statement on the potential legislation on bump-fire stocks. If you thought they would stand against those regulations, well, you might not be thrilled by what you see. “In the aftermath of the evil and senseless attack in Las Vegas, the American people are looking

What Do Background Checks Do To Crime Rates? Not What Some Think

Despite the fact that the Las Vegas shooter would have passed any an all background checks, some on the left still think background checks will somehow solve all of our ills in this country. They’re absolutely convinced that universal background checks will miraculously keep guns out of the hands of

Bump-Fire Stock Sales Are Through The Roof, Which Means Banning Them Is Pointless

You’d think the anti-gunners would get the picture. Every time they try to ban something, they simply encourage people to buy more of them. Every. Single. Time. This time is no different, as it seems people are buying bump-fire stocks at an unprecedented rate. Bump stocks are flying off the shelves online