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United States Announces Withdrawal From Anti-Semitic and Anti-Western United Nations Agency

In 1984, Secretary of State George Schultz, acting at the direction of President Ronald Reagan, notified the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization that the United States would withdraw from that corrupt and feckless organization: The decision to withdraw from Unesco was made by President Reagan at the recommendation of

Hurricane Harvey: Why Did Hollywood Enable a Cat 5 Sexual Predator? (LISTEN)

On this special episode of the Smart Girl Politics podcast, conservative movie critic Christian Toto ( joins RedState contributor Teri Christoph to discuss the Harvey Weinstein debacle, the hypocrisy of actresses like Meryl Streep, and the lasting impacts the scandal might have on Tinseltown. The post Hurricane Harvey: Why Did Hollywood

John Kelly: I’m Not Quitting Or Getting Fired

Today White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was the surprise guest. He talked about a lot of subjects, like explaining why President Trump’s tweets about Puerto Rico did not signify any end of support for Puerto Rico, but he was obviously there to talk about the climate in the

Is West Point Beginning a Whitewash of the Commie Lieutenant Scandal?

The saga of the commie West Point graduate took a rather strange twist yesterday when the officer who achieved a degree of fame for his scorching sworn statement about then-Cadet Spenser, with an ‘s,’ Rapone’s epic insubordination and disrespect, Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Robert Heffington released a letter calling into question

Trump Disrespects the Flag on Live Television (VIDEO)

After all of Trump’s incessant harping over the NFL players’ take-a-knee protests during the anthem, he seems lacking in protocols of respect, as well. As he sat with Sean Hannity on Wednesday night on a Pennsylvania Air National Guard base, the nightly playing of “Retreat” began. “Retreat” is the song played

In the Wake of Weinstein, Masculinity Isn’t the Problem; It’s the Solution

The stomach-churning truth that has finally come to the surface in the last week regarding Harvey Weinstein and his predatory decades in Hollywood has been truly disturbing. Thankfully, most are not defending this man. The few who have (for example, designer Donna Karan) are quickly criticized and/or carefully clarifying their incendiary statements.

Anthony Bourdain Criticizes Hillary’s Weinstein Response, Gets Attacked by Flying Monkeys

The Harvey Weinstein situation is continuing to stir controversy among celebrities and the political left (the former being largely a subset of the latter, of course). Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain is the latest to wade into the fight—and draw fire—by being critical of Hillary Clinton’s reaction to the revelation that

Watch: A Clearly Bothered Rand Paul Won’t Even Look at Trump During Bill Signing

Throughout the healthcare debate, President Donald Trump and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) have publicly maintained a respective friendship despite the fact that they’ve been ideologically enemies during the Republican push to replace Obamacare. Of course, this relationship began to destabilize in September over the Graham-Cassidy bill, which Paul had outright refused

Water Cooler 10/12/17 Open Thread; FBI Investigates Puerto Rico Hurricane Aid; Undermining Marketplaces ?;

FBI is Investigating Puerto Hurricane Relief Claims of cronyism and misappropriation of aid abound. WASHINGTON—The Federal Bureau of Investigation in Puerto Rico received multiple allegations from residents across the island who say local officials in the territory have withheld needed FEMA supplies. “People call us and tell us some misappropriation of some goods

Apple Removes Pro-Life App from App Store After Pressure from Pro-Abortion Groups

Joining Twitter in the silencing of pro-life organizations, is one of the largest tech companies on the planet. According to LifeNews, Apple removed an app from pro-life group Human Coalition from their app store. The app’s purpose was to allow “pro-life individuals and church groups to pray for Human Coalition’s abortion-seeking clients,

Paul Ryan: We’ll Keep Congress in D.C. ‘Till Christmas If We Have to’ For Tax Reform

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday morning that he’ll keep lawmakers in Washington, D.C., “till Christmas” if that’s what it takes to pass tax reform. “We’re gonna keep people here till Christmas if we have to. I mean, I don’t care. We’ve got to get this done,” Ryan said during

WATCH: VP Pence Has to Remind Trump to Sign His Executive Order

As Andrea Ruth pointed out earlier, President Trump signed an executive order on healthcare, allowing for citizens to purchase health insurance across state lines. It was a start, but it almost didn’t happen. After making his announcement on Thursday, Trump moved to greet the lawmakers in attendance. He appeared to be closing things

SHAMEFUL: Twitter Suspends Rose McGowan After Harvey Weinstein Tweets

Twitter reportedly suspended actress Rose McGowan’s account early Thursday after she tweeted about being sexually harassed by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, Mediaite reported. McGowan’s account has since been reinstated, but it appears that only happened after she deleted the tweet about Weinstein. In the tweet, McGowan reportedly called out actor

BREAKING: London Police Investigating Weinstein

Disgraced Hollywood kingmaker Harvey Weinstein has jetted off to Europe for “rehab”, but it look like even the continent across the pond won’t hold any safe havens for him. London police announced Thursday that they have opened an investigation regarding sexual abuse allegations against Weinstein. From The Guardian: Scotland Yard told the

Anti-Gun Crusader Admits What We Already Knew

When the discussion of gun control rears its ugly head, some well-meaning proponent of “common sense gun measures” invariably tells us that no one wants to take our guns. They swear that they only want the “bad” guns. Maybe they’ll say, “No one needs an assault rifle” but if you

New Hampshire Democrat: Republicans ‘Pistol-Whipped’ On Gun Control

Some people argue that there are very few constants in the universe, that everything changes over time. However, those who say that really don’t pay too much attention to politics, especially as it relates to gun laws. There you’ll find plenty of constants, things that never seem to change regardless

Country Music Not ‘Gun’ Music

Following the Las Vegas shooting, country music has been thrust into the national conversation just as guns have. In particular, we have been able to see people’s biases regarding country music fans. In particular, that they’re not only likely to be conservatives, but that country music is somehow “gun music.” To

NRA Opposes Bipartisan Bump-Fire Stock Ban

The NRA got a lot of heat for their statement that seemingly supported new regulations on bump-fire stocks. Their comments apparently emboldened House Republicans who quickly rushed out to put their support behind a bill similar Dianne Feinstein’s bump-fire stock bill. Now, some of those Republican might want to rethink that support. The

Texas Democrats Apologize For Blatantly Wrong Tweet

The Texas Democrat Twitter account really blew it. In typical Democrat fashion, they saw a shooting on a college campus and immediately blamed a piece of pro-gun legislation. In this case, it was campus carry in the Lone Star State. They were immediately hammered over the fact that absolutely nothing the

Mark Kelly Thinks Pro-Gun Members Of Congress Should Quit

Mark Kelly was a name few people knew until his wife, Rep. Gabby Giffords was shot by a deranged madman. Since then, he’s been a tireless crusader for gun control, if not the brightest. Now, the former astronaut is saying that members of Congress who oppose gun control should just