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The Left Embraces Madman Kim Jong-un as One of Their Own, United in their Hatred of Trump

It only takes one small word to set progressives off. In this case, it was the word “dotard,” and it was used by Kim “Rocket Man” Jong-un to describe his arch nemesis, Donald Trump. Rocket Man was responding to Trump’s speech at the United Nations, in which the president said

Russia Threatens to Strike US Forces in Syria

Random people pass through a typical Arab city. (Aamaq News Agency via AP) As the war on ISIS approaches end-game (amazing how soon that happened once the Obama crew left the White House and Trump let the military get down to business rather than using the war on ISIS as a

DiCaprio supports belief-based test to hold office (Out: Theocracy – In: Leo-cracy?)

**Written by Doug Powers Who’s up for another “global warming” science lecture from mega hypocrites with Titanic-sized carbon footprints? Me neither, but sometimes it has to be done: Actor Leonardo DiCaprio says history will judge President Trump harshly for his inaction on climate change. Speaking Tuesday at a Yale University climate conference, DiCaprio

They Don’t Call It ‘The Great Tweet of China’

During the campaign, Donald J. Trump made lots of promises — he’d be the greatest jobs president God ever created, he’d cut taxes, he’d balance the budget, he’d give all Americans fantastic health care, he’d renegotiate NAFTA, he’d scotch the Iran deal and so on. But there was one central promise

Facebook Event Pages Used by Russians to Organize, Promote Pro-Trump Rallies

When you think about it, using social media as a means of pushing a particular narrative by a hostile foreign government really isn’t that difficult. According to a new report from the Daily Beast, Russian propagandists attempted to organize pro-Trump rallies in at least 17 U.S. cities, using Facebook pages. The demonstrations—at

Will the Trump Brand be Enough to Bring the Crowds Out for Strange in Alabama?

What a conundrum Trumpbart Breitbart must be in. They invested all their populist dreams in Donald Trump, only to see him roll on DACA, the border wall, and now in his choice of Senate candidates. Trump has endorsed the establishment favorite, Luther Strange, in the runoff election for the Senate seat left

It’s Just a Cleveland Indians Stock Market

If you’re into baseball, you almost certainly know about the remarkable run of consecutive wins that the Cleveland Indians just mounted. An incredible 22 straight victories; just four games shy of the century-long record of 26 consecutive wins held by the 1916 New York Giants. Now, I must admit I’m not

Watch: Are Some Cultures Better Than Others?

Prager U is back with another video that proves the idea of “multiculturalism” isn’t all its cracked up to be, and that some cultures are actually more productive, peaceful, and prosperous than others. Famed conservative author Dinish D’Souza, an Indian immigrant, had a few things to say about many in the west’s

UN bureaucrats, MSM scurry to safe space after Trump’s General Assembly speech

**Written by Doug Powers Did you see President Trump’s speech to the U.N. General Assembly? The address was not well-received by many of the gathered bureaucrats, but then again, Trump’s no Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Raul Castro. Here are three parts that brought out the crickets: This caused a few nosebleeds in the

President Trump Pushes Reform Agenda at the UN

President Trump is not known to be a big fan of the United Nations: From April 2, 2016 “Where do you ever see the United Nations?” Mr. Trump continued. “Do they ever settle anything? It’s just like a political game. The United Nations — I mean the money we spend on the

Tax Cuts Now!

On Friday, a bus emblazoned with the mantra “Tax Cuts Now” parked itself in front of the main Internal Revenue Service (IRS) building in downtown Washington, DC and out piled small business owners who had been traveling the country, preaching their tax cut evangelism across this great land with the

Forget Russia’s $100,000 Facebook Ad Spend; Here’s a Real Russia Problem to Freak You Out

There’s been a lot of buzz online, mostly from Democrats, about Russia apparently having spent $100,000 on Facebook ads to try to prop up President Trump and beat the already self-immolating Hillary Clinton in last year’s presidential election. The general consensus on the left seems to be that Russia bought

Donald Trump Will Soon Learn The Lesson Of Many Republicans Before Him

There is a certain glow Donald Trump has when he looks in the direction of Chuck Schumer… it’s kind of creepy, to be honest. There is a theory out there that Donald Trump is doing what he has been doing – dealing with the Democrats – because he is hooked on

The Emmy Awards — Live Blogging Hollywwood’s Minor League Ceremony!

The 2017 Emmy Awards Show   Refresh frequently throughout the night for up to the…fairly recent, at least, updates! RedState will be covering the prestigious ceremony celebrating the best Hollywood has to offer — in its television category. CLOSING My takeaway here is that Hollywood doesn’t care for our President. You pick up on

Ann Coulter Is a Woman Scorned – Lashes out at Trump Again

My goodness! If I didn’t know better, I’d say Ann Coulter has not only abandoned the Trump train at the last stop, but she’s on a vendetta! On Saturday, I told you how she defended CNN host and chef Anthony Bourdain, when he made a casual joke about poisoning President Trump

Just How Mad IS Ann Coulter With Trump?

Ann Coulter is seriously upset with President Trump, after his fake right, move left moment, regarding DACA and the border wall. How upset is she? Well, when Anthony Bourdain, a celebrity chef and CNN host came under fire recently for suggesting he would poison President Trump, it was Coulter who defended him. “If

BREAKING: Trump Will Not Withdraw from Paris Climate Deal; UPDATE: Denied by White House

The pivot continues? The Wall Street Journal is breaking the news. Trump administration officials said Saturday the U.S. wouldn’t pull out of the Paris Agreement, offering to re-engage in the international deal to fight climate change, according to the European Union’s top energy official. The shift from President Donald Trump’s decision in June

Boobgate and Pearl Clutching in the Era of P***y Hats

Let me begin by saying that the “Boobgate” controversy, or whatever you want to call it, is entirely dumb. Plenty of what makes up the news cycle is anyway, right? People love to focus on the shallow. Substantive things don’t fit neatly into 15-second soundbites. Our outrage meters are at an

The New Yorker Reveals the Cover They Would Have Used if Hillary Won

Remember when everyone in the media was pretty much convinced Hillary Clinton would be the next POTUS? Remember how every major mainstream network started out election night with giddy, gleeful anchors who were already discussing what Hillary’s mandates would be after she won the election? Remember how they couldn’t even

Trump Makes Good or That Time I Offered President Trump Kudos

Well, good for him! Donald Trump has an awful record, when it comes to keeping his word about donating to charities. To be frank, he’s got an awful record of keeping up anything that requires virtue. I brought you one story last night that is an example of this, as it appears,