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Why It Pays to be Bullish

“Those who are bearish on America over the long term are out of their minds.” — Warren Buffett On Tuesday evening, Sept. 19, Steve Forbes, along with several hundred people, celebrated 100 years of Forbes magazine in New York City. B. C. (“Bertie”) Forbes began America’s foremost pro-capitalist publication in September 1917.

Supposed LEO Group No One Has Heard Of Comes Out Against Hearing Protection Act

I’m not surprised to see the anti-gun forces come out so hard against the Hearing Protection Act. The latest is a group of chief law enforcement officers who apparently think you and I shouldn’t have more convenient access to a safety device. The Law Enforcement Commission for Common Sense (LECCS) recently

Journalism Student’s Foolishness Deserves Response

This morning, I took a gander at what was floating around about guns and gun rights today, and I came across an opinion piece at the University of Houston’s school newspaper’s website that was…well, it had me laughing so loudly in the pre-dawn hours that no one in my house actually

Tax Cuts Now!

On Friday, a bus emblazoned with the mantra “Tax Cuts Now” parked itself in front of the main Internal Revenue Service (IRS) building in downtown Washington, DC and out piled small business owners who had been traveling the country, preaching their tax cut evangelism across this great land with the

The Emmy Awards — Live Blogging Hollywwood’s Minor League Ceremony!

The 2017 Emmy Awards Show   Refresh frequently throughout the night for up to the…fairly recent, at least, updates! RedState will be covering the prestigious ceremony celebrating the best Hollywood has to offer — in its television category. CLOSING My takeaway here is that Hollywood doesn’t care for our President. You pick up on

Trump Makes Good or That Time I Offered President Trump Kudos

Well, good for him! Donald Trump has an awful record, when it comes to keeping his word about donating to charities. To be frank, he’s got an awful record of keeping up anything that requires virtue. I brought you one story last night that is an example of this, as it appears,

Don’t Call the Government When the Levee Breaks

Natural disasters just plain suck. Mother Nature is a cruel matriarch, and she doesn’t much care about you, me or any of the human structures we’ve erected to help combat her occasional wrath. Indeed, Mother Nature’s caprice and cruelty were on full display over the past couple of weeks, and watching the

Never forget: Muslim hate crimes hoaxes

Never forget: Muslim hate crimes hoaxes by Michelle MalkinCreators Syndicate Copyright 2017 Another year. Another Sept. 11 anniversary. Another opportunity for grievance-mongering Muslim agitators to decry the imagined “epidemic” of “Islamophobia.” South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT) convened with Mad Maxine Waters and other House Democrats in Washington, D.C., to mark a somber occasion

Texas Governor Recognizes First Responders and Extraordinary Citizens With Star of Texas Awards

Photo: Office Of The Governor 9/11/17  In the Lone Star State, September 11th is not just Patriot Day, it’s Texas First Responders Day; and so, dozens of Texans were honored today as Gov. Greg Abbot presented the Star of Texas Awards to those who have “demonstrated extraordinary valor and courage in

Politico Hand-wrings Over Guns At Protests

The left has gone nuts about guns at protests, screaming and kvetching that armed people at protests are an automatic recipe for danger. The latest effort comes from Politico, where they complain about how lax gun laws are allowing firearms at protests. Domestic extremist groups ranging from white supremacists to their

They Stink

Here’s something you probably already know but may not have noticed: in any institution which has been taken over by the more egalitarian/iconoclastic/redistributionist elements of our society, which at this point generally includes nearly every one of the industries which control American culture, a very wide space is made for

Watercooler 9/9/17 Open Thread: Last Week, RedState – Coming out of the closet, Trump edition, North Korea, DACA, and Antifa

        Coming out of the closet, Trump edition, North Korea, DACA, and Antifa. Hot Topics Last Week: Coming out of the closet, Trump edition: Joe Cunningham noted that The Democrats Got What They Wanted, But It’s Cool Because Trump Really Stuck It To Paul Ryan.  Susan noted in these pieces that In One

Former SEAL Marcus Luttrell Is A Hero In More Ways Than One

The word “hero” gets thrown around an awful lot, to the point that it’s become cheap. This person is a hero for talking about the death of their hamster while that person is a hero for taking a suggestive picture of themselves while being overweight. None of this stuff is particularly

Trump is Right on Debt Ceiling Agreement

Trump was right to agree to temporarily extend the debt ceiling. There’s been a lot of fuss today, including here, about the news that President Trump has partnered with congressional Democrats to temporarily raise the debt ceiling for another three months. However, I must part with my valued colleagues on their opinion

Hurricane Irma – now the size of Texas – is so powerful it’s registering as an earthquake

Not to add to the level of fright surrounding Hurricane Irma – currently barreling toward Florida – but the hurricane is so powerful that it’s confusing seismographs into thinking it’s an earthquake. According to seismologist Stephen Hicks at the National Oceanography Center Southampton, seismometer recordings from an island group in the south

NYPD Officers Escort Son Of Slain Sergeant To Bus For Kindergarten

NYPD Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo was gunned down last November while responding to a call of an estranged husband trying to enter a home after having threatened his wife. Tuozzolo was killed and another officer wounded. Tuesday was the first day of kindergarten for Tuozzolo’s young son, an important day in almost any

Hurricane Harvey Could Cause Record Property Damage

Hurricane Harvey’s death toll of at least 70 lives lost so far will be accompanied by tens of billions of dollars in property damage that AccuWeather estimates will be worse than any previous storm to hit the United States. AccuWeather predicts that Hurricane Harvey, which has slammed Texas and flooded much of

Don’t Blame Lack of Zoning Laws for Houston Floods

The rain in Houston has barely stopped and the flood waters have yet to fully recede, but already a narrative has been created in the media, led by ProPublica, but with a lot of people and publications playing follow the leader, that blame the severity of Harvey’s impact on the

Three Cheers for Toxic Masculinity

From Harvey-flooded Houston to the Hamptons, what the feminists call “toxic masculinity” is helping make America great again. As soon as the high winds abated, while the rains were still deepening the flood waters, dozens and then hundreds of them came, unbidden, to rescue their fellow Texans. Then more arrived from

Don’t Tread on Melania Trump’s Stilettos!

Of all the hysterias to grip the Twitterverse in recent weeks, the recent frenzy regarding Melania Trump’s choice of footwear while heading off to the hurricane relief zone in Texas has to be tops. You see, Mrs. Trump was wearing a pair of black stilettos and, it seems, for those