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Petition to stop “P*** Christ” display in Texas Art Museum

The notorious “P*** Christ!” is a photo of a beautiful crucifix immersed in a famous artist’s own urine - - - and popularized without merit by a fawning art world and press. (Above, I’ve suppressed the vulgar ‘P’ expression which the artist used as its official title). And it’s being

LyondellBasell to Build $2.4 Billion Texas Plant (2,500 jobs)

Once in operation, the plant is expected to produce 1 billion pounds of propylene oxide -- a chemical used in the manufacture of bedding, furniture, carpeting, coatings, building materials, and adhesives -- and 2.2 billion pounds of tertiary butyl alcohol annually. LyondellBasell announced July 21 that it will build the

Crossroads Baptist Church Employee Sends Robber to Meet his Maker

An employee of the Crossroads Baptist Church helped a man find God Sunday night. …just not how you’d expect. “They (church employees) were getting ready to go on a youth trip and they were working late to get ready for the trip in the morning,” said LT. Brian Smith. Police say Steffon Parreese Valentez Tolver

The crisis in America’s crime labs

The crisis in America’s crime labs by Michelle MalkinCreators Syndicate Copyright 2017 Junk science endangers lives. Forensic junk science in the hands of overzealous prosecutors, ignorant police detectives and reckless experts threatens liberty. There is a crisis in America’s government-run crime labs — and it’s not just the result of a few rogue operators.