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Tax Cuts Now!

On Friday, a bus emblazoned with the mantra “Tax Cuts Now” parked itself in front of the main Internal Revenue Service (IRS) building in downtown Washington, DC and out piled small business owners who had been traveling the country, preaching their tax cut evangelism across this great land with the

The Emmy Awards — Live Blogging Hollywwood’s Minor League Ceremony!

The 2017 Emmy Awards Show   Refresh frequently throughout the night for up to the…fairly recent, at least, updates! RedState will be covering the prestigious ceremony celebrating the best Hollywood has to offer — in its television category. CLOSING My takeaway here is that Hollywood doesn’t care for our President. You pick up on

Watercooler 9/9/17 Open Thread: Last Week, RedState – Coming out of the closet, Trump edition, North Korea, DACA, and Antifa

        Coming out of the closet, Trump edition, North Korea, DACA, and Antifa. Hot Topics Last Week: Coming out of the closet, Trump edition: Joe Cunningham noted that The Democrats Got What They Wanted, But It’s Cool Because Trump Really Stuck It To Paul Ryan.  Susan noted in these pieces that In One

Ted Cruz and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Stress Bi-Partisanship in Wake of Disaster

Throughout the aftermath and ongoing destruction from Hurricane Harvey, bi-partisanship has been the order of recent days. At a shelter in Houston, Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and Republican Senator Ted Cruz held a short joint press conference to send a message of unity to residents and the world that there’s

Dem senator suggests better way to ‘fund disasters’ (what could go wrong?)

**Written by Doug Powers Now that the Senate’s debating legislation to help fund rescue and disaster recovery efforts in Texas, the MSM, Dems (and at least one Republican) have been critical of Texas Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn’s 2012 vote against a Superstorm Sandy relief package. What they’re not pointing

Liberty University’s Christian Reputation Disgraced by Falwell Family Dirty Dealings

I’ve been hitting my alma mater, Liberty University, quite a bit since Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. decided to betray everything that is the core mission of the college, in favor of endorsement of an unrepentant, lecherous, cheating con artist for the presidency. I should say, more specifically, I enjoyed my classes.

Ted Cruz’s New Website Proves He’s All In for 2018

The midterms of 2018 are sure to be interesting — the sitting president’s party typically doesn’t fare well, so doom and gloom prognosticators of all stripes are surely looking for Republicans to lose a fair numbers of seats in both the House and the Senate. One Senate seat that the left would

LISTEN NOW: Full Audio of Ted Cruz Interview on the First Amendment and Our Moral Obligation

On Tuesday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was a guest on the Mark Davis Show to discuss Charlottesville and the next steps for our nation. Cruz rightly calls white nationalists “racist, bigoted thugs,” but then makes the point about the First Amendment. When people choose to use that right to say grotesque

A Bold Way to Revive Obamacare Repeal

The Senate should write another Obamacare repeal bill, quickly — and there’s a way to do it without having the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) offer the bizarre analysis that replacing Obamacare will result in 20 million fewer people having health insurance. The new bill’s first provision would eliminate the entire individual

Texas Senator Investigates Crimes, Corruption and Collusion by Barack Obama and George Soros

Barack Obama and George Soros, his billionaire bank roller; used his Presidency to steal American taxpayer money for political power. Its sad to say that all the corruption that happened under the Obama administration and no one has ever been prosecuted for it. Texas Senator Ted Cruz is leading the way to

Cruz: If BCRA Can’t Pass, Do Full Obamacare Repeal First

Sen. Ted Cruz said Sunday said he believes the upper chamber will be able to pass a healthcare reform bill - but failing that, he'd enthusiastically support a repeal of Obamacare first before a replacement bill.In an interview with ABC News' "This Week," condemned...

Shocker! ‘Obamaphone’ program a fraud-fest (open thread)

**Written by Doug Powers Here’s a quick open thread for a holiday weekend Sunday while I get the fireworks show prepped for Tuesday night. Leading it off is perhaps the least surprising news of the past decade: The “Obamaphone” program is a fraud-fest: A new government audit finds more than a third

Sen. Ted Cruz wants Senate repeal legislation to allow cheaper ‘junk insurance’

A proposal by Sen. Ted Cruz to let insurers provide less comprehensive coverage under the Senate health care bill could lead to an explosion of limited-benefit “junk insurance” in states that weaken consumer protections in the Affordable Care Act. Junk insurance can include specified disease plans that cover only certain