North Korean Defector Reveals Barbaric Ways Citizens are Executed and Put Into Sex Slavery

New information has surfaced about just how brutal the Kim regime is toward its own citizens, and not just toward criminals, defectors, or undesirables, but to the upper class as well. According to the Mirror, North Korean defector, 26-year-old going by Hee Yeon Lim, is the daughter of a man who was

Remember Obama’s “Julia?” She’s Not Doing So Well

Do you remember Obama’s 2012 campaign gimmick “The Life of Julia?” It was an online slideshow (sadly no longer available) that demonstrated a creepy cradle-to-grave vision of government intervention as depicted through the life of one constituent- Julia. The idea was to juxtapose Obama’s policies with Romney’s proposals and illustrate

Facebook Event Pages Used by Russians to Organize, Promote Pro-Trump Rallies

When you think about it, using social media as a means of pushing a particular narrative by a hostile foreign government really isn’t that difficult. According to a new report from the Daily Beast, Russian propagandists attempted to organize pro-Trump rallies in at least 17 U.S. cities, using Facebook pages. The demonstrations—at

Pelosi Calls Dreamers a “Constituency,” Applauds Illegal Immigrants Bringing Children to US

Fresh off getting chased out of a press conference by pro-amnesty activists, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is still prostrating herself at the feet of the Dreamer crowd. During her weekly press conference on Wednesday, Pelosi — a lawmaker — said that illegal immigrant parents “did a great thing” by bringing their children

Will the Trump Brand be Enough to Bring the Crowds Out for Strange in Alabama?

What a conundrum Trumpbart Breitbart must be in. They invested all their populist dreams in Donald Trump, only to see him roll on DACA, the border wall, and now in his choice of Senate candidates. Trump has endorsed the establishment favorite, Luther Strange, in the runoff election for the Senate seat left

VIDEO: Students Justify Violence from Antifa

As a recent college graduate and a current grad student at a public university, I’ve lived the “college conservative experience” with one soaring takeaway: actual definitions of terms pale in comparison to the emotion that can be driven up out of them.  Few students know the real goals motivating groups like

Not The Onion: Story Claims The Electoral College is a National Security Threat

If all else fails, go with the utterly ridiculous seems to be the tactic Politico has decided to employ in the left’s ongoing effort to rid the United States of a unique feature, that of the Electoral College. They’ve moved on from whinging “but it’s not fair,” to a lame attempt

Guess what ‘Boobgate’ Pundit Clay Travis Wants to Do Next

"I could run for Senate in the state of Tennessee and get elected"— @ClayTravis. — FOX Sports Radio (@FoxSportsRadio) September 19, 2017 Clay Travis is talking about running for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Senator Bob Corker (R-Tennessee). Sports radio host Clay Travis said Wednesday he will consider running for Senate

California School Approves Transgender Books for Kindergartners, Disallows Parents to Remove Children from Class

The school board of Northern California’s Rocklin Academy Gateway voted unanimously to keep a policy that allows books that promote transgenderism to be read to children as young as five, but added a policy that they would warn parents before they did. Despite notifying the parents, however, the school board denied a proposal

BATFE Rules On ‘AutoGlove’

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has apparently issued a ruling on the controversial “AutoGlove.” The glove contained a motor-driven “trigger actuation device” that, while not attached to the firearm, would allow a semi-auto weapon to run just like a machine gun. If you’re surprised to learn that BATFE

SilencerCo Muzzleloader Sparks Legal Challenge, Change In Company Plans

SilencerCo built a unique piece of equipment when it developed it’s suppressed muzzleloader, the Maxim 50. All over the country, gun enthusiasts were looking at their budgets and making plans for securing one of these guns. Anti-gunners, however, had other plans. Bearing Arms received the following statement via email from SilencerCo: Upon launching

Supposed LEO Group No One Has Heard Of Comes Out Against Hearing Protection Act

I’m not surprised to see the anti-gun forces come out so hard against the Hearing Protection Act. The latest is a group of chief law enforcement officers who apparently think you and I shouldn’t have more convenient access to a safety device. The Law Enforcement Commission for Common Sense (LECCS) recently

Journalism Student’s Foolishness Deserves Response

This morning, I took a gander at what was floating around about guns and gun rights today, and I came across an opinion piece at the University of Houston’s school newspaper’s website that was…well, it had me laughing so loudly in the pre-dawn hours that no one in my house actually

It’s Just a Cleveland Indians Stock Market

If you’re into baseball, you almost certainly know about the remarkable run of consecutive wins that the Cleveland Indians just mounted. An incredible 22 straight victories; just four games shy of the century-long record of 26 consecutive wins held by the 1916 New York Giants. Now, I must admit I’m not

This Fund Provides Consistent Income

The exchange-traded fund iShares Select Dividend ETF (DVY) focuses on holding equities with a history of consistent income instead of equities with potential future dividend increases. All DVY’s holdings have at least a 5-year record of paying dividends. DVY invests its $17.5 billion in total assets in roughly 100 stocks based

Hillary Clinton dubs self ‘Paula Revere’ who warned ‘the Russians are coming!’

**Written by Doug Powers Listen, my Resistance, and you shall hear Of the damaged pride of Paula Revere, On the eighth of November, in darkest sixteen: Nearly every person on the American scene Was blamed for events that fateful year. –First stanza of “Midnight Lied of Paula Revere” ***** Yep, that’s right, Hillary Clinton really said she’s “Paula

Jet-set former SoS hails jet-set celeb who ‘walks the walk’ on combating climate change

**Written by Doug Powers John Kerry hosted a “climate conference” at Yale on Tuesday, and he had high praise for one of the participants, Leonardo DiCaprio: “Walks the walk” to combat climate change? DiCaprio doesn’t really walk the walk as much as he flies the walk and cruises the walk on oil